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Swiss CNC Turned Aluminum Component for the Medical Industry

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Swiss CNC Turned Aluminum Medical Component
Swiss CNC Turned
Aluminum Medical Component
Swiss CNC Turned Aluminum Medical Component
 Serving as a good example of an off-center drilling application, a client from the industrial medical industry contracted General Engineering Works to produce a series of aluminum medical components.  Previously undergoing multiple processes to machine these parts, our client was searching for a more efficient, cost-saving manufacturing solution.

Employing specially engineered tooling and machining processes; we were able to find a machining method that allowed us to drop the part complete in one, single operation, while still upholding a tight (±) .0008 inch precision tolerance.  This solo process incorporated off-center drilling techniques, as well as multi-axis and multi-spindle machining. And, with the ability to manufacture these components in a single-step process, we reduced production and set-up time, as well as avoided any added expenses incurred by undergoing several costly operations.

By combining several manufacturing operations into one, single machining solution, we were able to produce high-quality aluminum components for the industrial medical industry that exceeded all customer expectations, while providing our clients with significant time and cost savings.

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Product NameSwiss CNC Turned Aluminum Medical Component
Product DescriptionThis aluminum medical component was manufactured on our Swiss CNC machine group using off center drilling techniques.
Capabilities Applied/ProcessesSwiss CNC Turning
Custom Engineered Tooling
Overall Part DimensionsØ.375" x .45"
Tightest Tolerance±.0008"
Material UsedAluminum
Typical Machining OperationsSwiss Type CNC:
Off Center Drilling
Multi-Axis Machining
Multi Spindle
Live Tooling
BenefitsTime Saving (Completed in one Operation)
Price Reduction (Reduced Set-Up Time)
Close Tolerance
Consistent Quality
Industry for UseMedical/Industrial
Standards MetCustomer supplied design

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